About Us

Over the years, we’ve found that most people feel overwhelmed and out of sync when it comes to the subject of finances. Some say they are too busy or just haven’t gotten around to thinking it through. And when they do, the topic can be stressful. Couple that with feelings of anxiety, low confidence levels, or basic fear, and they find themselves stuck.


A complex problem is best solved with a simple solution. That simple solution is to partner with professionals who can assist in building your financial life map, steer you in the right direction and help you understand how to get there. That partner is the team at Urban Wealth Management.




We are women with extensive experience as financial advisors and planners who understand that money and wealth are two very different things. Simply making a lot of money or having saved a lot of cash doesn’t translate into being a financial plan. We specialize in helping women with financial planning and retirement planning

We demystify the tangle of financial terminology and rules by explaining the process in normal speak, allowing you to fully understand the why and how. We work arm in arm with you to create a life plan that supports your vision, goals and values. Our guidance and support allow you to stay in control of what’s happening along every part of the course. 

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Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor

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